Calling the Herd!

Our Lodge meets every Thursday night at 7:00 pm. While attendance is not mandatory for our members, participation in these weekly meetings is highly recommended. It is during these weekly meetings that the business of the Lodge is reviewed, discussed and implemented. This is the time that we celebrate our accomplishments, offer our support for those who need it, and mourn the passing of our brothers and sisters. Come find out what our Committees are doing and what you can do to help, what events are happening and what is planned for the future. Cast your ballot for new members and welcome them into the fold on Initiation Night. It is our membership who drive and shape the direction of our Lodge, and every vote counts. This is your chance take sure that your voice is heard and appreciated! A buffet dinner is available for purchase prior to the meeting and the bar is open, so come in early and have some fun and socialize with your compatriots prior to the Lodge Meeting!


1. Opening

2. Calling Roll of Officers

3. Reading Minutes of Previous Session

4. Initiation (last Thursday of every month)

5. Sickness and Distress (always in order)

6. Community Activities

7. Reports of Committees

8. Report of Fraternal Committee

9. Reading of Communications

10. Propositions for Membership

11. Balloting on Candidates

12. Unfinished Business

13. New Business

14. Good of the Order

15. Bills against the Lodge

16. Receipts of the Session

17. Treasurer’s Report

18. Closing


You must have your signed Elks ID with you to gain entry and participate in the meeting

There is no strict dress code for Lodge Meetings, but please no offensive attire. Hats are not permitted to be worn during Lodge meetings. Every last Thursday of the month is Initiation night for new members, so please dress accordingly.

Cell phones must be turned off or on silent during the meeting

The bar closes ten minutes prior to the meeting. Alcoholic drink consumption is not permitted during the Lodge meeting.

Please arrive before the meeting starts, post entry requires the permission of the Exalted Ruler

The content of the Lodge meeting should not be shared with non-members

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